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The Francis Leo Foundation

Francis Leo Walker was my great grandfather. Though

many had lost the faith in my family, he had always kept it.

At 20, when I first decided to become Catholic, he handed me

a Rosary, of which I prayed for the first time that night.

After I was baptized, I was able to take him to Mass with me.

That was the only Mass we were able to attend together in

this life because he died not long after. Before he passed into

the next life, however, I obtained Last Rites for him.

Being a frugal man who grew up during the Depression, a

simple maintenance worker, he was never wealthy but he

could be deemed a man who saved every last penny he had.

Once my mother noticed that he had cut the front of his 

shoes off because he didn't want to buy another pair.

It so happens that the money I shall use to turn Catholicism 

for the Modern World into an official company

was passed onto me from a trust fund created by

my grandfather.

—Michael Snellen, Founder


Acts of Activism

This website allows you to write a letter to a prisoner. They will then write you one back. You can keep this going. All in all, this is a great way to live the Gospel.


Sponsor a Parish / Catholic Company

We are looking to connect parishes and local Catholic companies with people who want to care for them, particularly in the online realm.

If you are in charge at the parish level and need someone to redo your website for free, reach out to us. We are also able to provide free resources which your parishioners will enjoy! If you are a small business owner, or perhaps in charge of a Catholic school's social media presence, we can help you in many ways as well!

If this is an idea you are interested in helping out with, or want to make use of, contact us at:


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