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The Enlightenment, Scientism and the Age of Reason: The Collapse of the West and Civilization


Bertrand Russell, an apostle of the culture of death

Over the past year and a half, we have witnessed the unraveling of our false worship of technology and science. The securities and comforts that we have taken for granted in the western world are no longer there. At present, the entire scientific community, global healthcare specialists and world leaders have failed to deliver solutions to address the ongoing pandemic. As the number of deaths continue to grow across the world, the scientific community has failed to deliver any serious therapeutic to cure this virus. At the same time, there is a deafening silence in the atheistic, scientific and enlightenment establishment from silicon valley, to the established schools, governments and universities in the western world that promote ignorance and radical selfishness to the extent that their very presence reflects a complete collapse of law, order and civilization. No one is challenging the primary supposition that the age of the enlightenment, scientism and the age of reason are over. Artificial intelligence, socialism, humanism and the might of industry has failed to protect a culture of human flourishing. This ongoing crisis is an opportunity for the Catholic Church and serious Catholics to engage with the world and demand concrete actions to reject the ignorance that has undermined the principles and values that protect the sanctity and dignity of human life.

Overcoming our Ignorance

The premise of the age of reason, the enlightenment and scientism is that we do not need God to hold ourselves accountable to. Proponents of the values and ideals that underline modernity are rooted in the teachings of Bertrand Russell, Karl Marx, Nietzsche, Francis Bacon and many others who saw fit that science and technology can help fulfill the pleasures and passions of the body. However, this ignorance of reality fails to address the essential principles, values and virtues that merit the essential foundations that promote a culture of life, where the rule of law, the protection of human life and environment are essential requirements for human flourishing.

The enlightenment fails to address the actions of dictators, evil men, crime and radical ideologies that has led to the senseless destruction of communities and cultures that have fallen prey to a world where the West lacks the authority to do what is right. This is due to the fact that the enlightenment is an ideology not rooted in Truth, and is in its very essence a superficial understanding of the world.

The only way forward is through engagement, the study of the truth and apologetics to defend the sacred tradition and the faith against the actions and ideologies of ignorant men. This is the lesson Catholics must learn from the pandemic. Grassroots ministry, classical education and forming the minds of tomorrow is essential to grow out of this crisis. We live in an age where children, youth and families have a bleak future ahead of them. This darkness should be a source of motivation to bring light and restore hope to those who have none.

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