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No Imperfect Man Could Have Imagined the Perfection of Christ

There is absolutely no way that evil man could have created Christianity; a religion of love and forgiveness

Photo by @tomas-anunziata from Pexels

"Now if, on entering any house, you should behold everything refined, well arranged, and adorned, assuredly you would believe that a master presided over it, and that he himself was much better than all those excellent things. So in this house of the world, when you look upon the heaven and the earth, its providence, its ordering, its law, believe that there is a Lord and Parent of the universe far more glorious than the stars themselves, and the [many] parts of the whole world.” Octavius, Minucius Felix (ca. A.D. 218–235)

Made in the image of God, look how different you are from the animals. Look at the beauty of newborn children, of a family, at yourself in the mirror. Everything is ordered to perfection.

All living things have a soul, but you have a rational soul. Men are made in the image of God, not animals. They don’t have rationality or free will, both coming from God who is freedom. It is by our rationality that we can comprehend God, and by our free will that we can choose to love God.

Everything is ordered to perfection underneath God.

Gazing off at mountains, basking in the rays of the sun, the elation of these delights is not merely “chemical reactions” going off in your brain, but the glory of God’s love before your eyes.

The Trinitarian God is love. The Islamic God, for instance, is not love. He is a tyrant. Only through the three persons of the Trinity does love arise. The Holy Spirit is the love for one another that the Father and the Son share. This love was not created but has simply always been, as God was not created. A created god is not God. The interplay between the Trinity is the cause of creation.

What is creation? Creation is the Father using the Logos (Reason), which is the Son, to endow all created things their existence. The very mark of existence is a sign of God’s love. Every single created thing in existence has God’s love inherently within it. We even know that Satan himself is loved by God since he exists, and also because he has is good innate qualities that come from God, such as extreme intelligence.

It is impossible to escape God’s love.

God declared all of His creation good when He had made it because He who created it, and placed His love within, is good,

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Gen 1:31)

Evil is a corruption of God’s creation, of his love. The love God has given created things can only find completion, order, and joy, if they, the created things, love God back. Animals, trees, and rocks, glorify God by their very existence. We, on the other hand, are beckoned to a higher calling, a higher form of love since we are made in the image of God, and given qualities such as reason, creativity, and freedom.

Complete subjection, complete obedience to God is what grants us the greatest freedom. Rejection of God is a rejection of our own existence. This rejection comes about through sin, which is choosing evil.

God can not be evil. By His very nature as God, everything He creates and does is good, as these things are a reflection of His nature, which is goodness itself.

In order to choose to love, which is the basis of true love (the opposite being a forced submission, which can not be love), God granted us free will, so that we could choose to love Him.

It was Adam’s rejection of God’s love, his disobedience, that doomed man to death. Since man, whose very foundations are made of God’s love, finds his very existence in God’s love, sin, a rejection of God, sickened him so much that he became corrupted to do evil, which is contrary to God’s good, and cursed himself to rot and die.

Every man who was ever born has carried the curse of Adam in his blood. This curse is known as original sin.

From the Garden of Eden, henceforth, man still chose to do good, but over time he more and moreso chose to do evil. He came to murder, steal, cheat, and ultimately reject his calling.

The study of the ancient Greeks culminated in: Know thyself. They were halfway to the truth. They should have added to the end of this phrase: and how evil thou art.

Know thyself and how evil thou art.

Only a sick man who admits he is sick will bring himself to find the cure. Only a man who realizes that all his happiness is false, that he feels empty, degraded, and alone, that he has done much wrongdoing, can bring himself to choose what he will find his completion in, this completion being also his beginning.

“For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting.” (John 3:16)

Bad beginnings do not guarantee bad final ends. Not when all of creation is at God’s hand, God who can do all things.

Man’s story, since Christ, became one of redemption. He must work his salvation out with “fear and trembling (Php 2:12).” Fear of God will lead to obedience. Obedience, with repentance and penance, leads to love. Man must not see himself as his own God. He must not make himself, nor anyone, nor anything else, an idol. Following the example given to us by Christ, the perfect man, he must become as a child beneath the almighty God.

Man could have invented Islam, a religion that promises to gratify earthly pleasures and desires. Sex in heaven with virgins? Come on. Man could have invented the gods of Hinduism and ancient Greece and Rome. A god of wine? Come on. These are religions of idols. Knowing man, we can be assured that he would never ever scheme of a God who seeks that he renounce his entire life, all earthy pleasure and pride, and carry a cross of hardship unto his death. Why would man, who does little to love, who loves little, create a God who is love?

There is absolutely no way that evil man could have created Christianity or God; a religion of love and forgiveness. To understand what Christianity is means that you know it’s undeniably true. It is too good not to be true. No imperfect man could have imagined the perfection of Christ.

The paradoxes of Christianity are simply amazing! God comes down from the heavens and becomes the most humble man ever. The creator becomes the creation. Bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ. Fruit, from the tree in the Garden, leads to death; fruit, from Mary’s womb, leads to life. Death is conquered by love, as life itself is love.

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