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Catholic Creators

Build up the Church

Join our free community with hundreds of Catholic creators. Featuring workshops, networking sessions, and consulting, your mission is sure to benefit.

Supporting, teaching, and inspiring the next generation of Catholic creatives.

This is a community for writers, videomakers, podcasters, musicians, artists, designers, business people, or anyone who wants to be one of these things. It is a great way to connect with others who have the same struggles and dreams of spreading the Gospel across the internet.

You are the focus.

Calling all Catholic Creators!

If you are a writer, artist, podcaster, video maker, graphic designer, musician (or wish to become any of these things), Catholicism for the Modern World introduces a platform where you will be the focus.

—Make connections and talk with likeminded people

—Collaborate on projects

—Receive advice and feedback

—Promote your work

—Discover job opportunities

Featuring: Exclusive workshops, networking sessions, and resources.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our community platform offers a space for collaboration, support, and growth. Build up your talents while building up the Church!

Also home to a premium community that acts as a talent agency, which sponsors and connects creators with companies and other valuable helpers. Learn more.

"Artists, writers and all those who use the means of social communication should exercise their profession in accordance with their Christian faith and with a clear awareness of the enormous influence which they can have." —Persona Humana

Take your ideas to the next level

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Did you know that we pay our creators 50% of our total subscription earnings?

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