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How to Become a Contributor

Join Catholic Creators, our 150+ member group chat for creatives (networking and collaboration):

Earn up to 15% commissions with our Affiliate program:

Interested in adding your articles to this site?

What are we looking for?

We are looking for good writing. Check out what our site publishes to get an idea of what we accept. That said, we will accept almost anything as long it is engaging and informative! With our content, we seek to reflect the vastness of the faith—so get creative! 

There are no formatting guidelines yet. Our editors will take care of that for you.

So you want to join the site as a writer...

Step 1: Make a profile.

Step 2: Message us on this website, or email us a link to your profile:

We also accept cold submissions at this same email address if you don't wish to make a profile.


Option 1: Everyone who emails us that they want to be a writer will be sent an email invite for the Wix editor. If you do this, you will then be able to write on, make drafts, and submit directly to the website by going to the "Articles" tab and clicking the “Create a post” button. This is optional, however.

Option 2: Another way to submit, if you prefer not to do the above method, is just to email us a complete draft of an article.

We hope you join us! May God bless you!

Receive Your Equity Portion:

Notify us by email that you wish to opt into our equity program and recieve your share of money. The monthly profits are split equally between all creators.

—10% of the monthly Guild of Catholic Writer profits are given to writers who provide content that is freely available to everyone

—50% of the monthly Guild profits are given to creators who provide content that has exclusivity to it.

Click here for more details

Do you want to join I AM?

What is I AM?

It is the first streaming service composed of Catholic

Youtubers. It is the central place for finding good content.

So you want to join the site as a creator...

Step 1: Make a profile.

Step 2: Click the "Creators" tab

If you are interested in providing exclusive

content to us...

Step 1: Contact us and we can discuss a deal!

Receive Your Equity Portion:

The monthly profits are split equally between all creators. Notify us by email that you wish to recieve your share of money. 

Do read the following document to learn more:

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I AM Creator
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