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Become an Advocate

Share our mission with everyone you know! Use your social media pages to share our content, in the hopes that good content can help convert hearts to God. By joining our affiliate program, you will not only earn back 10% of all your orders on our marketplace, but for each person you send to the site, via sharing links, you could earn 10% of whatever they spend on the site. More details here.


Perhaps talk with your priest about getting us in the bulletin, or print out flyers to hang up on a college campus (you can find the images you need to do this by clicking here)

If you want to learn how you can help support our organization in even more ways, send us an email so that we can talk!


Our Affiliate Program

Earn money by sharing CFTMW

Receive up to 10% commissions, a lifetime coupon, and more special opportunities

Image by Josh Applegate
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